We can deliver any product from 3 yards to 50 yards the delivery charge will be based on distance so call for details.  Minimum charge for delivery is $45.  You can pickup anytime in your own vehicle we do the loading !

A yard covers 108 square feet 3 inches deep - approx. a 10 feet x 10 feet area.  A Full Size Pickup Truck will hold 3 yards.

Note that filling the back of a pickup truck is a minimum of $40 for these products.



Saw Dust: $9 Yard -

An Organic product -

Many uses around the farm -

Just saw dust -

No Additives.

Shavings: $12 Yard -

An Organic product -

Shavings can be either Large or Small in size -

No Bark.


Grindings: $18 Yard.

An Organic product with no bark.

Chips 2.jpg

Wood Chips: $15 Yard Great for trails.